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The Event

Paraty Brazil by UTMB

In the words of UTMB Group Chairwoman and Co-Founder Catherine Poletti, “We are excited to grow the UTMB family further in 2023 with the addition of a brand-new event, Paraty Brazil by UTMB. UTMB unites runners, friends, and volunteers around the world, bringing people together to connect with nature, and we are eagerly looking forward to bringing an event of UTMB standards to the Brazil that will allow more runners to experience a world-class trail running experience and adventure with us.

Runners will have the chance to discover an area of great natural beauty around the Serra de Bocaina National Park and while we can’t wait to explore the areas new trails, we also hope to highlight the importance of protecting and working in harmony with this region of global conservation priority.

UTMB World Series gives everyone, no matter where in the world they may be, the possibility to meet their extraordinary and we invite runners and their families to discover Paraty Brazil by UTMB and everything that this wonderful destination has to offer."

Paraty Brazil by UTMB