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PTR 35

Race Category


Running Stones



34 KM

Elevation Gain

1150 M+

Start Date

Saturday 21st September 2024

Race Start

Paraty - Centro Histórico - 07:00

Max Allowed Race Time

09 Hours

35km with stunning landscapes

On a course through preserved Atlantic Forest, athletes seeking a challenging long-distance course with a wide range of terrains but moderate technical difficulty will find a great choice in the PTR 35.

Starting from the historic center of Paraty and after an urban stretch, athletes will begin to climb the Serra da Bocaina, passing through roads and trails that will guarantee breathtaking views of the sea.

With river crossings, dense forests, and the sounds of birds, participants in this race will marvel at the paradisiacal views of Paraty Bay and the abundant nature of the preserved Atlantic Forest.

35km with stunning landscapes