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PTR 55

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


58.5 KM

Elevation Gain

3400 M+

Start Date

Saturday 21st September 2024

Race Start

Paraty - Centro Histórico - 05:00

Max Allowed Race Time

16 Hours

58km around unexplored trails

Starting from the historic center and after passing through the urban stretch, the athletes of PTR 55 will already face their first tough ascent, through a unique and preserved stretch of Atlantic Forest, within the Serra da Bocaina National Park.

After descending to sea level, the athletes will begin the second challenging ascent, reaching Pedra da Macela. During the course, athletes will have the opportunity to experience a lot of Atlantic Forest and breathtaking views of Paraty Bay.

The challenge doesn't end there, as to return to Paraty, athletes must descend the historic and technical Trilha do Ouro, a trail used by the Portuguese during the mining period to transport gold from the interior of Brazil to Portugal. Here, athletes will encounter pavements that are over 200 years old in the heart of the Atlantic Forest.

58km around unexplored trails